The Nibblers Diet

by – Dr. S. R. Kaura M.D.

America has become a nation of nibblers. On the go all the time, people grab what is most readily available—foods rich in fat, sugars and calories. America has become the fattest nation on earth. This has contributed to making Americans unhealthy with weight-associated medical problems, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and more.

The Nibbler’s Diet™ is designed to fit into anyone’s lifestyle and can assist any adult interested in losing weight, improving nutrition and investing in overall health.

On this diet, instead of grabbing for food that will add pounds, you’ll learn to reach for satisfying foods that will help you achieve your weight-loss and cholesterol goals. The Nibbler’s Diet™ is easy to follow and is based on readily available wholesome foods. It is a flexible plan with lots of variety.

People who make The Nibbler’s Diet™ a habit:

  • Aren’t hungry
  • Have lots of choices in what they eat
  • Feel Better
  • Don’t rely on expensive diet foods, powders or other aids
  • Lose weight safely
  • Lower cholesterol

This diet has been tested by many people who have lost weight, kept it off and regained their health. You too can nibble your way to better health and a more productive life. So try The Nibbler’s Diet today and let us know how it works for you.