Vocab Tunes Vocabulary Building & Reading Comprehension Program

by Manisha Shelly Kaura

Vocab Tunes is a unique, accelerated learning program for preschool through middle school-aged children. With our program, children sing, dance, and play their way through learning to read one hundred thousand words in twenty one days. Our learning program, the only one of its kind, consists of 3 workbooks and 21 fun music videos.

Vocab Tunes workbooks and cds

By using twenty prefixes, eighteen root words, and ten suffixes, Vocab Tunes is able to impart to students a deep understanding of words at their core, based on the meaning of the word parts.

Your child will have a massive advantage. By understanding the parts of words that words are made from, your child will be able to understand over 60% of English, up to 90% of science terminology and 71% of social studies terminology.

Most importantly, research show that young minds are excellent at understanding patterns. Think of the “times table” for math. Vocab Tunes links words together by meaning. For example, dent (tooth) is the root word for dentist (doctor), dentine (covering for the teeth) and denture (artificial teeth), these words will be seen as a pattern and stored under the root dent.  As words are added, your child’s young brain will have developed the mental organization skills to easily read, remember and figure out new words.

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